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Get the most out of the 2016 BIO Investor Forum and communicate more effectively with VCs and in-licensors by viewing our webinar, "Putting on the Pitch: How to Present to VCs and In-Licensors" Top VCs and business development executives will help you perfect your pitch to the 250 investors and in-licensors at the 2016 BIO Investor Forum. Fill out the form to view a recording of this live streaming video event.


  • Rajeev Dadoo, Partner, SROne
  • Karl Handelsman, Founder, Codon Capital
  • Ed Hurwitz, Managing Director, Precision BioVentures
  • Alex Szidon, Executive Director, Business Development
    & Licensing Head, West Coast Innovation Hub, Merck & Co.
  • Sougato Das, Director of Partnering, BIO (moderator)
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Key Topics:

  • How to put together the optimal pitch deck
  • What to say/do in partnering meeting
  • What to say/do in a company presentation
  • How to write a good meeting request, and other partnering system tips
  • How to follow-up after a good meeting
  • How to handle confidential information
  • Common mistakes, and much more!
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